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Trip to Emigrant Gap, June 11, 2009

With all this activity on the mycological news groups about Morels at Emigrant Gap, I figured they would surely be all but gone.

But you can't get them all, can you.

And that's what I kept thinking when I told the boss I quit my job Wednesday night. They can't get them all.

You really left that many for me?

You left all of those?

Wow, I sure appreciate that, but you really didn't need to leave so many. I couldn't possible carry all of them out in one trip.

And they are giants! I don't usually get to find them so large. Certainly not so many in one area. In California, anyway.

And Green!

I would have to say I have never seen any that green.

I have a theory about the green-ness.

You know how when you blow up a cheap black balloon so large it becomes purple? That's my theory.

Of course, the normal size Morels wreck that hypothesis.

Oh well, take it or leave it.

The Boletus rex-veris. And the Oysters.

And what about the Gastroid Agarics. They smelled very strongly of Almond. They also yellowed after a short time.

Such a strong smell! Anyone have a name for them?

I discovered two other things, new to me.

There was a huge footprint. It was too large for a Bear.

Much too large. With massive claws.

I took a picture of me next to it for size reference.

And one Gyromitra californica. Or is it Helvella californica?


That's how a hunt should go.

And remember...always look around the car.

P. S. My boss said be at work Friday at 6:45.

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