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Favorite Forays

We Picked, and we picked, and we picked, December 31 - January 1, 2006

We Picked, and we picked, and we picked, and then we stopped.

Next day, same thing.

Enough already! I'm getting bored with the Yellow Feet, Chanterelles, Hedgehogs and Black Trumpets. Please let me find something different.

Microglossum viride, that's nice, Strobiluris trullisatus, that's cool, Scleroderma geaster, I love those,
Brauniellula nancyae, far out! (can you pronounce that for me?) A little pinkish mushroom with gills and a REALLY REALLY fruity smell.

What's that? (I have pictures).

What's this? I can't believe it!

Agaricus augustus are known (by me) to grow on the coast in the summer, mostly July and August. And there they are - twins, 8 inches high with 3 1/2 inch buttons on top. Textbook!

Better than textbook! (Sorry David). 

Better than ANY picture I've ever seen!

And better than ANY I have ever found! December 31st!!!!

Isn't it kinda early?

And then, there was this Coral growing where I've never seen one before. I drive by this spot all the time while in Fort Bragg.

So I've been watching this Coral growing for about 6 weeks.

I look but always as a drive by.

So this last time (New Year's Eve) I look again and... it doesn't look like a Coral anymore. Now it looks like a multi-pound Sparrasis crispa.

Isn't it kinda late?