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Favorite Forays

Tahoe National Forest, February 20, 2005

How big CAN they get?

How many CAN any one person see at once?

And how many does anyone need?

These are some of the questions I was asking myself on Sunday in the Tahoe National Forest.

The forest service had been doing some under brush clearing and controlled burns last year and the Gyromitra infula are up as I've never seen!

I was thinking I wasn't going to find any this year.

Boy, was I wrong.

HUGE! And so many! Eight inches tall. Eight inches wide!

And most of them smoking on command.

WOW! Perfect 4-inch cups too, also smoking on command. What a sight!

Other than that, it was a pretty dull hunt.

Only a couple hours of pure bliss.

Come on, forest service, burn some more!