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Favorite Forays

MSSF foray at Yuba Pass, October 21, 2005
Photos of Creatures
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Me on the pass early Saturday morning, 
waiting for sunrise

Go at Chapman Creek

Foray leader, Norm Andresen

Cecelia and Herman Brown trying to focus


Son and father Go

Me and my wasp's nest club

Go Sr.

Crossing Chapman Creek

Norm again, on Weber Lake road

Herman and Cecelia again

On the way back from the missing meadow

Our missing meadow leader
carrying a weird-shaped Ganoderma oregonense

The group on a different route back to Bassets

The Chefs cooketh Saturday's dinner

Me again at the Saturday dinner feast

A final group photo shot, Saturday evening
Click HERE for two more versions of this shot (about a 900k file download).

From left to right: Me, Andy, Andy's Brother with his daughter, Norm in back, Cecelia with Go Jr, in front, Herman. Kay, Go Sr.

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