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Favorite Forays

Spenceville, January 29, 2005

It was 30 degrees.

I arrived at Spenceville Wildlife Refuge at 7:30 a.m.

The sun was coming up but I was to be in the shadows for a long time, being down in the lower areas. There were a few hunters up there because it is the last weekend for Quail. I didn't see any Quail.

Tons of woodpeckers though. So Many!

Did you know that animal hunters are the biggest litter bugs on the planet? All of those shells will be there forever!

Horse manure is out of hand too, although it produces some cool


Anyway, back to the hunt. 

There were many things to find, but only a couple things were edible.

There were some Blewitts and Helvella lacunosa as far as edibles go.

(You haven't tried Helvella? I only know one person who doesn't like them and he doesn't like Agaricus augustus!).

Lots of cups, Amanitas, Russulas, Lactarius, y'know, the usual.

And some unusual. There's always something new.

And that's why I go.

Fort Bragg next weekend. (Sure would like to go to Mushroom Day, because it's a great excuse to make it to The City, and some great hunting).

Have a terrific hunt, wherever you go!