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Favorite Forays

Fort Bragg, February 6, 2005

They're all there!

Black Trumpets, Hedgehogs (both kinds), Yellow Feet, and yes, there are plenty of Chanterelles too.

We started out looking in the canyons for the Black Trumpets because it hasn't rained for quite a while now. There were a few, but where we really found them were just over the edges of ravines and canyons, just over the rim, which is where we find them every year.

We did very well with 5 different kinds of mushrooms for personal use, but the professional hunters are really bringing them in! Of course, they have to work, all day, and we're at play, all day!

A trip to the buyers gives you a clue as to what is being hunted.

One buyer told me she always gets a few Blue Chanterelles in with the Blacks, but she currently had none to show me (I've never seen one yet).

One hunter said he has found a large area of Blue Chanterelles and they are there every year. So I asked him where. RIGHT!

And another hunter said he used to know of a large area that produces JUST White Black Trumpets, and big ones, but it has since been logged.

So I asked him where.

But there was plenty of other things to be found too.

There were lots of Helvella lacunosa to gather, and this is definitely a big year for Witches Butter, Hygrocybes and Laccaria laccata.

Geastrum saccatum (Earthstar), Geastrum fimbriatum (Earthstar), Astreas floriforme (Earthstar), Amanita aspera, Agaricus fuscofibrillosus, Plumbias, Black Earth Tongues, Conchs and some fantastic purple coral.

Of course, there were many other terrific things too.

Indigenous Snails, Worm Salamanders, Newts, y'know, nature at it's finest.

The weather was very nice and one of the sunsets was one of those you don't want to miss! All in all, a great weekend.

See Ya!